Cardano Foundation is committed to protecting and enhancing Cardano. One of our key initiatives is providing accurate information and ensuring that the community has access to this.

Part of this is making sure we manage fake information, scam sites and fraudulent social accounts.

The online world, whilst providing an incredible opportunity for connecting people is also a place where scams are rife. The blockchain and crypto-community is no different.

After listening to some of our most engaged community members, we now have [email protected] ready.

This email address is closely monitored. You can quickly alert us to anything you see as a scam or a fake account.

This allows us to communicate with the platforms involved to deal with the problem.

Using [email protected]

When reporting something you have seen, please add in the social channel in the email subject line. For example:

Telegram - reporting someone spamming


Fake website looks like a scam


Reddit - someone is posting scam links

This means that we can deal with the issue efficiently.

We are grateful for the vigilant and diligent community. Please do let other community members know about the new email address to use:

[email protected]

Thank you for your support.

Also see this relevant article about being safe online.

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