We are sorry to hear you are having issues with the Daedalus wallet. The Daedalus wallet was built and is maintained by IOHK who are continuously working to improve the wallets user experience.

To help resolve your issue as quickly as possible we suggest the following steps:

1. Search the Cardano Forum for answers

This is the best resource for Daedalus Wallet support is the Cardano Forum. This will also be the quickest way to get a solution to your issue. We have a section in the Forum called "Community Technical Support" where community members help each other to solve problems.

2. Read through the Daedalus FAQ PDF 

3. Post your issue in the Cardano Forum

If you can't find an answer to your issue, ask the Cardano community! Make sure you include screenshots and logs where necessary. Other Cardano community members may have solved the same issue you have and will be able to assist you quickly.

4. Raise a ticket with the Daedalus support team

As a final resort, you can raise a ticket with the Daedalus support team. You can do this directly from your wallet’s loading page by sending a ‘support request’ or through the Daedalus website here. Be sure to include your logs when sending in your support ticket. Instructions on how to do this are provided on the support page.

Please note: The Daedalus support team at IOHK receive a vast number of requests daily so please expect a long response time.

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